Demand to higher prices: you have to be able to afford. poor people are disadvantaged

You justify just why there is this contribution to be a Problem .

Class hatred is just as real as racism or sexism and is reflected in prejudices, laws, and political demands. Even in the case of those who want to actually save the world .

. in the sognannten poor areas (low) with those in the so-called better areas (high) compares, one suspects, why the majority of politicians give a damn about poor people. The Left-of-attorney, but, also because of the political absence of its clientele from the spot. As long as poor people don't really get involved effectively in the decision-making, is also made against policy .

For the first time, I agree with you! Thank you, and have nothing to add!

. then the author should also occur to ensure that auto gas is just as cheap as aviation fuel. Any other Position is illogical !

Demand to higher prices: you have to be able to afford. with those in the

dear Mrs stokowski, I need a adult ""Allergy and see red where I this pronounced "not"word (but only ideologues in need of something like that, or not?) will coated. a propos: how often you have actually used up ?

Why the taxation of cars on engine displacement? Why don't performance and weight? after all, who has little money, buys an SUV or a luxury car. Fuel does not have to be expensive. the fuel production has to be expensive and may not be on the consumer to get clipped. not heating needs to be expensive, but environmentally harmful energy production have to be expensive and may not be on the consumer to get clipped. Because the producer is responsible for the Emission of greenhouse gases. If companies must pay for their production methods, the new methods of thinking to produce less harmful .

and it will give weizerhin. This brings our economic system. And that's not even wrong. The reasons are varied and complex, from the formation of the career choice, success or Miserfolg started in the profession, etc., It can afford to have someone with € 10,000 of salary more than € 3,000, no matter whether gross or net. And if I have worked all my life for 60 to 70 hours per week, some holidays would have to give up, then no one needs today, neidig, when I stood in my now retired annually 10,000 euros and more for holidays to spend. And I'm not even, but take the train, since I'm a rail-Fan myself.

but an Airline does not have to make a profit, therefore, all 230 passengers for 30€ fly . For early booking a couple of Tickets for cheap and the Rest sold to paid strong . The same flight will cost about 300€ . Look around in the Ryanair Portal . Saludos.

The claim "X is expensive" has quite the tendency to schueren class hatred. But class hatred is not the cause of the claim. It is much more likely that the true cost of X greater than the price. In the true cost of air travel (or car travel), for example, the costs caused by environmental pollution (C02, NOx emissions). This need not be so, it is already so, whether you want to see it or not. It is true that poor people are disadvantaged by increased prices. Poverty is a disadvantage, and it always will be (duh!).

Respect. If a woman Stokowski writes not primarily about feminism, comes out a good post here. In fact, the question of feminism and the equal rights of women, in reality, is namely a question of Solidarity and equality for ALL people. It would be nice if it would continue to develop, in a real humanism. Basically, the discussions only to the money factor are not, in fact, already inhuman, because you see people and their needs as primary, but only the money. Everything will only be considered under economic aspects, because you worship Mammon, and that is THE basic problem of our time. The only reason why you come to the idea that hospitals and clinics are Profit making and have to similar untenable conditions.